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A Fat Blueberry
05-14-2014, 01:35 AM
Founded by a few original members with a long history, consisting of years gaming together on different types of games, we aim to create a fun, friendly and efficient gaming environment for our members. We are currently playing on the Alpha server for ArcheAge and will be choosing a dedicated server to play on when the list is presented by Trion. We cater to many different play styles, where you can choose which one suits you best when you apply to be a member! Although not required the average age of our members drift above 21, and we ask that you keep a mature head on your shoulders to avoid conflict with other members.

Visit our website! (its still under construction, accepting ideas!)


Fearless leader: Belle

Faction: Western

We have members from around the world playing, with a constant strong 15+ members at all times, but we could always use more!

Recruitment Status and Goals: Recruitment open. Introduce yourself to a member in game and you will receive an invite to the guild. After accepting you into the guild we may ask you to go to our site and register for guild news and updates.

We currently have over 150 members!

We have a teamspeak for our users up at all times!

We primarily focus on leveling for now, but have some seriously devoted farmers and crafters. We cater to all playstyles and will help you with whatever you are aiming for!

06-02-2014, 02:39 PM
Added to the registry Guild.