View Full Version : (NA Server - Enla) West, Archon Guild

10-08-2014, 10:22 PM
About Us

We are a casual guild, and have friendly members that have a good sense of humor. We're a family in this guild who help each other, members that are being attacked by others by blood-lust mode, mostly for their trade packs, will be declared kill on sight. We have plenty of clipper boats for trade runs. Few of us likes to go at war times, other goes to treasure hunting in the sea, etc. We pretty much do what's fun for us.

Guild rules

You are not allowed to kill other from your own faction, specially allies. Exception of guild enemies.
Direct attack to other guild members are NOT tolerated.
Talk in party/raid for dungeons and pvp's. to avoid Guild chat spam

Guild Goal

For now we need active players who do dungeons and trade runs with the guild.
Get more people to get on raidcall with or without mic.

Guild ranking promotion
Play together with your guild mates.
Be Helpful.

Who to Contact
Juggernaut, Fleur, Scionia, Mind.
Send a mail if we're not online.
Everyone in the guild can invite.

10-10-2014, 07:04 AM
Bump. Awesome friendly guild for people who want to know everyone they play with. We have raidcall too. Last night was halcyona war and then hasla weapon farming but really we do whatever we want we just always have people to play with. Also very helpful to low levels :-)