View Full Version : Arena Exploit how to Win in arena in 30 secs (needs fixed)

10-09-2014, 10:50 AM
Topic Title: Win arena in 30 seconds.

A brief summary of the game bug:Can kill arena crystal with aoe archer skills with out taken out cannons first and under 30 secs.

Topic Body:Can kill crystal with out taken out cannons with archer skills

Summary: Archers winning arena in 30 secs

Steps to Reproduce: Watch video

Frequency: Every-time
Severity: 5

System Specs: Not needed watch video

Additional Notes: Archers aoe skill by passes game mechanics.

P.S.S Arena buff does not make me wait if thats what it's intended to do.

The one that says "you have participated in the arena and have to wait your turn" 30 min debuff

I can just keep re-queuing