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10-09-2014, 12:31 PM
Thanks for taking an interest in Eternal Spirits!

~ About Us ~
We're a mature, friendly guild. We strongly believe that any kind of MMO-RPG is amplified by a great guild with well-rounded, polite, active players who are willing to put the member's needs, wants, and goals above their own, creating a tight, Friendly, Non-dramatized guild.

~ Our Goal ~
Is to amplify each and every member's gaming experience to the fullest. Many guilds always seem to have members that promise to do things such as make you some armor, food for battle, weapons..etc, but never deliver. Eternal Spirits' members have taken it upon them selves to ensure this does not happen, thus, all owing each member to have the Items, weapons, and help/advice they need to keep their gaming experience easy yet challenging, and alive through out their stay in Eternal Spirits! Doing this will allow every member a chance to have a role of some sort to keep their gaming experience in Archeage a true experience to remember!

~ Join us Today! ~
We are new player friendly, run guild events weekly, always someone online, No level Requirement, Use Team Speak 3 Chat client (not required)

GM: Jaquline
Commander: Sakuragaoka
Server: Naiam
Location: North America
Active Officer(s): Korvac, SkullnBones, Quintis

Do not hesitate to message/in-game mail the names listed above for more information!