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10-10-2014, 12:20 AM
Hi !I've made a one month patron subscription (It was couple of days ago so for me it worked ^^)I paid with paypal, but I don't want trion/glyph/whatever to keep my paypal information but their was no way (no box to check/uncheck, nothing) during the process of paying this subscription to "NOT REMEMBER" my paypal account information, so trion got my paypal adresse AND my freaking password !I don't want those kind of bank-related personnal information to be stored on a game campagny database, but I can't erase them without using "cancel subscription".Also I don't want any automatic renewal.So here's my quesion which is probably silly (but we never know right? I want to be sure): if I click "cancel subscription" I will still have this month - I paid for - as a Patron right?Thx.Ps: sorry if my english is not correct. If you cancel the Patron subscription you will get all the time you have paid for, and will not be automatically charged again when your current Patron time expires. You can also delete your payment method from your account via our Account Management page (https://glyph.trionworlds.com).I hope that helps!

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