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10-10-2014, 07:02 AM
The Idea

I have walked around the area of archeage and seen alot of Tradepacks lying around on peoples fields while players are out doing other things. Some players that has come further into the game have so many Packs, they don't even feel like carrying them away and do small runs to far away areas. Going far away with 1 Tradepack is good (can get around 10 gold), but if you are in a guild/alone with alot of packs, then this method will be slow and maybe painful to do. Here is where this guild starts! This guild will work as a Transportation guild, transporting large amounts of Tradepacks from one area to another. Of course, this will cost the player that wants the packs moved something... this is already planed.


The payment will be as following example:

A Tradepack gets sold for 10 gold at a Turn in point (example which is to much, but easier to count with)

The creator will get 20% (2 gold) and the one that turns in gets 80% (8 gold) in a mail 22 hours later.
We that get the 80% (8 gold) will mail you back a 60% of the starting value (6 gold in this case)

In the end, the buyer would get 8 gold (80%) and the transporter 2 gold (20%)

P.S. might lower the % of the transporters money, which means more for the buyer.
We will most likely not run into areas that covers pvp or ocean in the start. if really wished for, we can try to get people around for it, but don't have your hopes up.

Tradpacks Value (not perfect, but quite accurate)
For exact numbers and prices, go to http://eloth.org/tradeprofit/ an always have "Nuia" in start. Think that 20% of the "Profit" will go to our guild.

The Problem with a Solution

The problem you can see by this is the part where we need to give the 60% gold back to the buyer, this could easily be a trick and so on. IF anyone in the guild does Trick anyone (buyer may report this to the Leader/member of the guild) then that player will be kicked from the guild and should not be associated with out trading business. We really want this to be a flawless tradeing method and there will be no tricks of any kind. (We want to grow big and do this in great scales, so small tricks will be at no use for the guild)

The Recruiting

As said, we need trust worthy people as myself that will do this without problems. This is a hard thing to recruit player to because we need trust worthy players... which is not something that you can find in the Stats menu. Recruits will be taken out for a trade run to see if they are worthy (if anything happens, the buyer can always report it, so don't try anything)

Don't take low levels lightly, the lowest level we will allow on the runs is around (lvl)15


Some may see this and think "we won't get the full prices for the Tradepacks, we should do it our selves" or "they only trade around the safe zone, we should go to Freedich islannd instead".
The thing in this scenario is that smaller/poorer players that has a hard time crafting 2-3 packs, should not ask for our help. Rushes to Freedich Island is something you do with around 1-8 packs if you are many players.
This guild is more set out for the bigger packs 10-20 packs or even more in the future.
(we will accept smaller trades, but its just that it should not be looked down upon because of this)

Both sides will be profitable, the creator will get 80% of the money and only needs to create the Tradepack and not walk the long way across the country. The player can focus on other things in the meantime, instead of being forced to walk great distances. While at the same time, We (the guild) gets money for walking around with packages.

Why called "Handicrafts"?
The thought from the start was to make a guild with only crafting in mind and to never(if avoidable) PvP or PvE and just go Crafting. This is the other thought for the guild, which means we won't make any special dungeon or PvP battle. This will be something you need to join Raids/Parties to do.

It is hard to cover all, I will try to answer all questions and problems of sort. Have to low money to do anything right now, starting from the bottom. Ultramagi