View Full Version : (Inoch West) <Dullahan> A good pirate never steals another person's property.

10-12-2014, 02:59 PM
Hello all, we're a friendly pirate guild looking to recruit new members that are happy fellows for fun adventures! :)

As a pirating guild we do many activities on the ocean. For example, we do boat cruises. You will see us roaming between Seachild Wharf and Solzreed Peninsula enjoying the view and trading with the locals. We often help them turn in their packs by using our hard earned labor points at the gold trader. As a payment, we most of the time ask a modest cut of 80% of the profits.

Though we know people don't always like to be on the ocean. Fear not, we also do land activities. We're very big into doing 1v1 arena's for fun. This guild has a decent amount of high rated PvPers from other games. For example, R1/glad from WoW, R1 in Wildstar, R1 in Crasher, etc. We also realize some people might not want to hurt our own faction in anyway. So we ALWAYS try to help other guilds as a pirate guild. We are known for our diplomatic relations with other guilds. In Dullahan, we worry about how others perceive us. You can even call us the bee's knees. :)

Overall our guild focuses on


Message me, Rythmn, or Respectseveryone if you would like to join our guild.
(Alternatively you can mail me, Nukaazul)