View Full Version : Fate of Norns (Inoch, East) is looking to recruit endgame and active players!

10-12-2014, 08:57 PM
Fate of Norns (Inoch, East) is an active guild looking to recruit more end game players to come join us in GHA, KC, Hasla farming , PvP and more! Currently our guild has quite a bit of land, and a lot of us have been working on Hasla weapons, KC, GHA and crafting to gear up for quicker GHA runs. We are in high demand for healers, and are willing to work with you in gearing up a good raid/dungeon healer. We have a guild voice coms (Ventrilo) that is active every night, along with a pretty active player base.

Our overall goal is to build a reputable, honest guild, with good solid players. The current player base is very skilled and studies up on the game to be the best in our class, so amateurs are welcome, but we are seeking to recruit enthusiastic players looking for a good group to roll with.

We have quite a bit of land and higher ranked crafting, so we will also be working towards more advanced tradepack runs. We are working everyday towards both the Gallion and Merchant ship, so we can be effective in all fields as a guild.

If you are interested in joining our guild, please message Mayic, Inali, Inalix, or Permavoid in-game via whisper or mail. Or leave a comment here. We look forward to having you join our ranks!