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10-13-2014, 09:11 AM
LUCIUS Ė Nuians/Elves

We are here to recruit a Crew of merchants. People that hate pirates and wanna kill them all!!! Let's protect ourselves against those filty scum creatures! We wanna make a group of traders, good PVP warriors and most of all nice and friendly informed players. We are not ever gonna recruit on in-game chat.
Our group will be around 20 players every single one with a role and we want YOU to choose your role as the following.

1) Merchants: Must be able to use the Actioneer, whenever necessary use the trade chat to exchange mats and also must be aware of the percentages on Gold Trades (NPCs).

2) Mercenary Warriors: Good fighters must be able to help defending the crew and packs at all means necessary.

3) Provisioners: Help the group with materials such as iron, gems, wild plants, etc.

4) Sailors: Players at any level but interested to grow up with the crew (Workers).

This group works such as any real merchant group. You must first try to exchange any goods you got first among our Crew but feel free to do whatever you want or need to. You need something for example a boat trip from Solzreed to Marianople, I have a boat so I can take you there for some gold/silver.

Whatís the diference of becoming part of our crew?
Everyone thatís part of it will be protected weíll take care of each other. Your gold will never be wasted. Weíll help each other to grow up. Helping the Sailors to become a provisioners one day. Every effort you make in the Crew will be rewarded even if you are a Sailor carrying up a package youíll get your job paid.

How will you be rewarded?
You need to learn how to make good deals inside the Crew. For example: Iím a merchant and I have my onw farm and materials, but I need some Sailors to carry up my packs Iíll hire you for 3 golds maybe less, maybe more... depends of how many packages, trips, etc...

Feel free to comment and to give us suggestions. Convince us you are good on what you decide to do in our Crew.

We will only recruit if u comment here. We will get in touch with you thru here and if you want let your nick, so we can talk in game.

10-13-2014, 09:32 AM
Im currently looking for a guild for me and 1 friend ( with possibilities of 2 more) Were both lower 40s. looking for a nice guild that will actually do events/trade routes/ dungeons etc as a group and not just ignore people when they ask for help or what not in chats.

Currently on vacation returning home in like a day or too but my ign is Anguish

10-13-2014, 09:59 AM
Added you already. Looking foward to meet you!

10-15-2014, 11:30 AM
Keeping up, we need more merchants.