View Full Version : DUAL WIELD: advanced theorycrafting

10-13-2014, 09:31 AM
Hello, I want to make specific character and I have question.

If I have 2 swords, does the hidden weapon passives stack together? Is final chance double? And why ppl recommed for class like shadowblade sword+dagger? I'm just curious about mechanics behind hidden passives and his proc

(Sorry for my english, I am a bit older and I never teach english in school)

10-13-2014, 10:10 AM
Each weapon would proc separately, so yes you would have more chances if you wield twin swords. For me personally I prefer having different weapon procs to take advantage of the different weapon passives, which is why some people like daggers for attack speed, katana for crit attack, axe for bleed effect, and etc.

10-13-2014, 10:52 AM
The offhand weapon dps does not contribute to the main hand weapon. It only offer + str/agility/int and lunastone/lunagem that might affect the overall dps . Theoretically you can get away with using Hasla Sword + lvl 5 dagger and still does not affect your dps on skills (not tested with autoattack though)