10-15-2014, 09:10 AM
Hey guys and girls out there, This is a little description of what our guild is all about and if you like the look of it just leave a comment asking questions or your name if you wanna join. So first of all we are are a decently sized guild of about 25 people at the moment that are all active. We have players whose lvls from around 20 all the way to 50 and are looking mainly for social lvl 15+ with some exceptions. We let in patrons or ftp and you don't require a mic to join :) We do Trade runs, naval combat, dungeons/pve, and mainly pvp! We own a few ships and are getting that number over 8 right now to breach into most of the guild owning at least a harpoon clipper before we move onto trade ships.

What i am working at now is growing the community a lot more. We have an active group especially in evenings but i feel like it needs some mass working on so here i am getting you guys in! If you like a bit of what you see then just ask some questions to me online or on the thread here! I know lots about the game and all classes and all that so i can answer most questions you throw out to me and am happy to help out, as im sure the others in the guild will too ^_^ so thanks a bunch for reading if you got this far and i hope to see you alongside the rest of this growing guild!

Daemowolf :D

Ps: The server we are on is "NUI" and we are the East faction. My name if you wish to contact or name me is as you see, "Daemowolf" :D