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10-16-2014, 09:41 PM
http://file3.guildlaunch.net/430893/Logo.png (http://www.thedarkesthour.guildlaunch.com)

CLICK THE LOGO TO VISIT OUR WEBSITE AND APPLY (http://www.thedarkesthour.guildlaunch.com)

The Darkest Hour looks for dedicated players preparing for Auroria. We focus on PvP, trade runs, and the benefit of every player. We are a tight-knit group and plan to stay that way. We would like the guild to maintain an active 30-50 members with a guild total of around 100. Right now we average 15-25 active players a day and float around 60 members. We require all members who would like to participate in trade runs and other important events like dungeons to use Teamspeak.

Although our main focus is PvP, we are NOT a pirate guild. We are friendly with nearly all greens, and do our best to help anyone out. If you're someone who wants to KoS your own faction, please do not join this guild. For now, we really focus on our trade runs and we're lucky to be part of a very powerful alliance, The Northern Trade Coalition.



Second in command







We don't have too many requirements, but level requirements will come soon!
You must use teamspeak when participating in special events like trade runs.
You must respect our Alliance.
There is no age requirement but please be civilized.
Please be dedicated to the game, we look to see who's been inactive longer than 7 days. Just let us know if you won't be on. Life always comes first, we'll understand.

Our website has a lot of tips, tricks, news, and more that only members can see! (http://www.thedarkesthour.guildlaunch.com)

10-17-2014, 11:19 AM
Hello there I read through your post about your Guild.

I will apply to the website etc, I have all VOIP's installed and am not against using TS3 so no issues there.

Currently just getting into endgame area, have a 41 Pally atm, and again no issues changing roles etc.

Just built my personal clipper today! Learning the in's and out's of Trade Runs etc, and loving the pvp aspect.

I feel I would fit into your Guild nicely, not for killing own faction unless they start the fight :P Hope to be a member soon!

10-17-2014, 11:33 AM
We definitely would love to have you! I've received your application on the site and will get you an invite asap. Redrosevirus may get you an invite to the guild if he's on as well. See you soon and thanks for considering us!