View Full Version : guild stars recruiting

10-17-2014, 09:40 AM
So its been announced auroria is getting released 04 november im starting my guild the now played enough solo want 1000 members big dreams when its just me talking to absolutely no1 in particular but if u want to be in a guild that can have a trade ahip in under a week with just 10 people im the guy to talk to if ur looking for pvp i suck but making money has never been a problem i just lack the numbers and dedication it gets boring playing by myself pls looking for 9 buddies just 9 that can spend 2 to 6 hours a day doing trade runs and in a week i promise you that trade ship is our need a thunderstruck log know how to get that aswel but hey i need friends chat to me in malisara im on everyday going under the name qsolo the server has 3 large guilds strawhat the a holes pvp pk celestial lust 250 traders and then the trading co largest guild with 1 merchant ship and 2 galleons i want to be top dog come the 4 help a brother out thx guys