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10-17-2014, 03:16 PM
Welcome to our guild, the Heroes of Nuia! We are a fast growing guild with an active community. We're focused on leveling, and eventually shifting to PvP/PvE/Trading. Eventually we plan to set up Voice Comms (optional) so that willing guild members can speak to each other. Please sign up as soon possible once I announce the site being up to the guild. Now, I'm just going to talk briefly about our guild rules/guidelines.

-Please be respectful towards other guild members, especially your General (Alyssia), and your main Commander (Allaras).
-If someone asks a question and you know the answer, please answer it, as everyone wants to progress as quickly as possible.
-Please try to stay active with the community! Post on the forums, talk on Guild Chat, help one another! You will soar up the ranks by doing this!

-Considering we are called HEROES of Nuia, we DO NOT want to PK anyone from our faction UNLESS:
-They are Wanted (guild members EXEMPT)
-They attack you

-Considering we are called Heroes of NUIA, kill Haranyans, whether it be on their land or ours. Kill them cold-blooded.

-Regarding pirates, we are a anti-PIRATE guild, so anyone killing someone FROM OUR FACTION ONLY to get their trade pack, will get a strike. If they are Haranyans, go crazy on them, and steal everything they own. Kill pirates if you think you can take them or if you get attacked. Other than that, avoid them at all costs, unless we go pirate hunting.

PM in game (Alyssia) or check us out at http://www.heroesofnuia.shivtr.com/