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10-17-2014, 08:59 PM

Universal Phantoms is Recruiting for Auroria!

Website: upgamers.net (http://upgamers.net)

- Pride ourselves on teamwork
- Threat and rank do not mean anything, the teamwork is what matters.
- We do our best to make sure your time in UP is a great one.
- We offer many different opportunities for Members to be part of UP's inner workings whether it is being a certified broadcaster for UP, recruiter, promoter etc. The list goes on n_n
- We do not play favorites, and we do not place blame on lower level players when a trade run, dungeon, or PvP battle is lost. If there was a good team effort it is a win.
-We sell t-shirts for UP , mouse pads, stickers, and much more and all proceeds go towards the community.

At Universal Phantoms we believe in a higher power, the power of video games. Our goal here is to provide a quality gaming experience without any drama.

We do not just focus on video games, our focus is helping each other. We all have those games where it is better to team with people you know will work with you in-game and out of game. Google might be your friend, but sometimes it just doesn’t provide the help you are looking for. That is why we are here. So whether you are playing via pc, xbox, Playstation, vita, etc., it does not matter. If you game in any way, you are already one of the family.

At Universal Phantoms, we offer a genuine community. Are you looking for an intimate lesson on the finer points of Trade Pack runs? Or are you looking for some quick advice on the pros and cons of a particular build? Or do you just want to find a team of people to complete the next quest or TP run, go a few rounds in arena, or hang out on the TeamSpeak server? We’ve got you covered.

One of the things that Universal Phantoms prides itself in is the quality gaming experience its community offers. If you like our community, feel free to join up now. If you just want to check us out, that works too. If you find this is the community for you, just let one of the admins know and they’ll get you signed up. Also, we will never force anybody to be an exclusive member of our community. So even if you are already in another clan, feel free to join our community and enjoy the benefits it offers.

Welcome to Universal Phantoms. We hope you enjoy your stay. To continue further please read the rules located in the forums before applying. Thank you for your consideration.

A few benefits:

-Currently with the Tahyang Western Accord
-Recently finished both our first cutter and our 24x24 Farmhouse
-Currently we practice small group PvP and trade routes daily

"Once a Phantom...always a Phantom."

10-18-2014, 04:14 PM
Feel free to PM Higashiko or Bodybagfilla in-game!