View Full Version : [US][Salphira][East][PvX] Merry Band of Gentlemen - Are you Merry Enough?

10-19-2014, 12:39 PM

Hey Gentlemen/women!

We, at Merry Band of Gentlemen, are recruiting! Come and join our (mostly) do-gooding escapades! To describe us in a few phrases:

*Community-centric. We love getting to know our new members and making everyone feel important. We also are forever willing to extend help wherever it is needed.

*Very relaxed environment. We are here to have fun and kick some reds' butts. Low drama and happy atmosphere.

*We have TS3, a facebook page, and steam page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/Merr...men/?ref=br_tf). We are working on a website now.

*A well-rounded community. We focus on PvP, PvE, dungeons, trade runs, etc. If you need any advice/help in any of those aspects, we have someone you can talk to.

Really, we are a guild centered around brotherhood (sisters quite welcome too! I'm a sister.) and a general love for the game. If you are interested, feel free to whisper us in-game! Dragoninja, Garithohugh, Aurus, Celestiamatchbox, or Apirah are who you can contact!

If you can't contact us that way, e-mail me at ariadne_bloom@yahoo.com!

"The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best." -Epictetus