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10-19-2014, 04:04 PM
Aurorian Sock Syndicate is a division of ROS Multi-Gaming Community (http://reignofshingen.enjin.com/home), because of this we utilize their webpage and TS Server. We are recruiting all Firran and Hurani players lvl 20+ on the EZI server.

What we are looking for:

Adult members (male and female)
People who enjoy participating in teamspeak, PVP, PVE, Trade Runs, Crafting
People who like to help other guild members.
You need to have the willingness to learn and get better with instruction.
We don't just want players, we hope you join A.S.S. and also like to come into Teamspeak to chat or play other games with the community.
We do not expect you to live in the game or require you to play x hours a week.
Players who don't get easily offended by humor that some regard as "inappropriate"

We communicate primarily in TS. If you join us you will get a better overall experience from the guild if you at least launch TS, you don't have to talk but you may miss out on grouping opprotunities if you are not in TS. Outside of the game we discuss tactics, crafting needs and schedule events on our forums (http://reignofshingen.enjin.com/home).

Guild Rules:

No Drama between guild members
Racist/Sexist Comments
Political banter in TS
Primary language is English, although we have members from many different countries and backgrounds.

Rank Structure:

This is the person who clicked the guild create button.
Vice Admiral
Responsible for guild management
Persons appointed to coordinate and lead raids.
Upon being granted this rank you are a full fledged member of A.S.S.
This is the initial recruit rank upon joining the forces of A.S.S.

If you wish to find out more about the Aurorian Sock Syndicate please visit our website (http://reignofshingen.enjin.com/♥♥♥). If you believe that we are the guild for you please fill out an application (http://reignofshingen.enjin.com/recruitment) or you can contact myself(solories), Cyntar, AzDiablo, Nemin or Rhino in game

12-10-2014, 04:52 AM
Message, Myself (Cyntar), Solories, Rhino, Azdiablo, Dick, or Dirtyredz for an invite.

We have a great time as a group doing pack runs recently and enjoy helping guild mates achieve their gaming goals getting ships and lands. We do plenty of PvP in remote areas as well as defend against our own faction ganking our own faction. If you are a person that can muster the pride to become one of us we would be proud to stand beside you.

Cyntar (Co-Guild Leader) Aurorian Sock Syndicate

01-30-2015, 07:14 PM
New Contacts are Cyntar, Solories, AZDiablo, DirtyRedz