View Full Version : [NA][Enla] Looking for a West guild to join

10-19-2014, 06:28 PM
I am looking for a RP defense/escort guild for the West faction. Archeage is really my first big MMO so i am trying to get as much of an experience from it as i can and the best way to do that it seems would be to join a guild. I am a Free to Player so i do not have access to my own land or many patron-only things, however i do have access to the auction house. I would also like to get into crafting (namely metalwork) because it seems like a good source of income for a Free To Player.

Here is some information that i would think would be useful:
-Race: Elf
-Curernt Level: 34
-Occupation: Rogue (Archery Shadowplay Vitalism)
-Player type: Free to Play (with auction house access)
-Perfered Roll: Distance DPS + Healer (My mele isn't bad though)
-Time Zone: CST

Guild Preferences:
-Role Play
-Trade Pack Escort
-PvP or PvE
-Medium sized

Edit: Am considering becoming a patron