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10-20-2014, 10:10 AM
<Corrupted> Pirate - East Starting

Bullet Points
Age - 18+ (Our ages range from 20 - mid 40's)
North America
Mumble and Mic
Good attitude
Helpful to other members
Good sense of humor
Couple Friendly
Ready to Kick ♥♥♥ and have a helluva time

My name is Reaper and I am the leader of an adult gaming community known as Corrupted Gaming. In this thread I will explain the reasons why our community is the right fit for you and what you can expect from our community.

First I would like to start with a little History of our community. We started out around 8 years ago where we jumped from game to game with a heavy MMO and FPS player base. We really showed how great of a community we were in SWTOR where we maintained a casual attitude to gaming, yet we were the first Empire guild to defeat the hardest content on our server and we maintained one of the most menacing PvP teams. Also we always make sure that each member who wishes to participate gets the chance, even if that meant that our main raiders had to sit for a week. With our success and all around attitude to the people we game with, we grew quickly and we only chose people to be in our community that fit our personalities. This was the same when we went into Wildstar and eventually became one of the top guilds on our server.

Now a little about what we look for in perspective members. Well we are a very social community, we enjoy talking ♥♥♥♥ to each other and having fun while we play together. Our main focus is Enjoy the company of those you play with. We always aim to enjoy ourselves and the people we game with so it is important that the people that we recruit have some social skills and aren't shy about talking a little trash. With that being said, we still expect new members to respect the veterans of our community.

We use Mumble as our VOIP this is because mumble has the lowest latency out of all 3 of the major VOIP programs and it offers the best quality of the 3. With these two VERY important advantages of mumble this allows for smoother communication during raids and PvP.

Now you may ask what our focus in Archeage might be, Pirating, PvP, Crafting, World Domination? Well the answer is YES. The great thing about our community is that our members are diverse in what they enjoy when they are in game. Our goal is to go into Archeage and play the game each of us wish to play. We also pride ourselves on helping each other enjoy the game as well. We focus on making the community stronger over the individual player. We expect our members to help make the community better, because if the community is happy, then the individuals are happy.

So if you read this and are interested in joining a zany/manic/sometimes demented group of individual please give us the following information and post in this thread or any of our guild members with the <Corrupted> tag in game.

Name you wish to go by (We will call you this forever)
Intended Class and Path
Are you a little ♥♥♥♥ed in the head?
Do you have any skill that you can provide to the community? (Podcasting experience, photoshop, web design, guild banker, raid leader, etc) Tell us what you would like to contribute.
Other random attribute that makes you stand out?

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