View Full Version : OUTRIDERS (Enla/West) is recruiting players of all experience levels. PM me or visit OUTRIDERS.NET. Good Luck!

10-20-2014, 11:24 AM
The Outriders are an established multi-gaming guild with over a decade of gaming excellence. We are expanding into Archeage as a casual clan that is here to play for fun.

The Outriders are looking for fellow gamers that love the game and want a solid, drama-free group to play with.

Our goal is to enjoy the game, PvP (non-pirate) and help the community grow.

New players and all levels are welcome, your attitude is what counts.

APPLY TO THE OUTRIDERS HERE (http://www.outriders.net/recruiting/signup.php?destination=%2Frecruiting%2Fapp_applica tion.php%3Fgid


If you think you are the right fit for the Outriders, we would greatly encourage you to visit our site and apply.

The Outriders:
-PvP Oriented
-Mature player base
-Stable established environment
-All skill levels: Casual to Hardcore, we have needs for your talents
-Coms, Boards and all the goodies
-Leadership Opportunities

Thanks for taking a look.
http://www.outriders.net (http://outriders.net)