View Full Version : Small guild on Enla West

10-20-2014, 12:04 PM
Guild name : Shadowless Pirates
Guild leader: Trunks
Server: Enla
Location: West Continent Nuia

So I've created a guild and currently I'm the only member.
I'm a patron as well, only level 27, But I plan on being up to 50 soon.
I work a lot so I'm usually on a few times a day and on my days off I'm usually on a lot.

Anyway about the guild
I'm only lvl 27 so We would have some work to do before pvping can start efficiently
As a Pirates guild we'll only be attacking people from Haranya, or anyone who attacks us too.
Any Levels are welcome, I enjoy watching guild mates level and become threats, I may be a little late into the guild entry but no hurt in trying right? So if your into pvp and small grouped guilds, you found the right place. Now by small guilds I don't plan on making it to big, I will talk to my guild mates (If any even come a long) and discuss future sizes of the guild later, Anyway Message me in game, Whisper, Or mail and I'll get back to you. My name Is Paige.

10-20-2014, 03:09 PM
My husband and our friend have just started playing..I right now am the only patron.
We are looking for a guild that has no young kids and understands fairness and fun. Also like the idea of it being a small group guild. We all however are firran, and currently are mid teen levels but we play alot..m I play everyday.

I do have an alt elven, but am not really interested in switching, as my husband and friend will not weant to.

we also have normally avoided pvp as we normally play pve. anyway..if this sounds good to you pls send me an email and we can have a chat. we also use google hangouts for chat when we game.. none of us are typers..lol red7rubber6boots@gmail.com
Thanks again Roxanne (Fierrahh) on salphira server.