View Full Version : 36.gb Spammed on C:/ by ArcheAge?

10-20-2014, 10:26 PM

-Hello there fellow ArcheAgers and Maybe a GM or AA Team member! :)

Today i Realized (after playing archeage for about 2 weeks) that my Hard Disc "C/:" had just 1.mb free for an unknown reason that i couldn't explain, all my PC was slow n freezed as hell because of that for a couple of days until i finded out why...

For some weird reason (i guess i ll blame Hack Shield of being the main cause) my pictures folder (public) was flooded by.... 20 million in-game screenshots? :confused:

I don't know why or how that happend, i don't think im capable of taking 20 million screenshots in a lifetime...

Soooo, im in need of an answer to help prevent this, cause it keeps flooding my OS Hard Disk untill it explodes literally, and that's not cool at all :(

If any of you want to check this, please search this patch on your Win 7 PCs.
-> C:\Users\Public\Pictures
If your ArcheAge randomly crashes and stuff because ur pc is melting down, check that Folder for a big and heavy surprise :rolleyes:
Any answer/fix/reason about the subjet is appreciated :p