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10-21-2014, 09:03 AM
Over the past month much fighting has been going on in the gloomy, foggy, ethereal swamps known as
Hellswamp, Nuin's and Elfs have rallied day after day in attempts to fight off a quickly growing threat from the eastern continent sadly without much success. Many different eastern guilds have spilled blood in the region lately but only one has carved out a large section of land and claimed it as they're own. Now the entire southern point of the Hellswamp is owned by The Hellswamp Cartel! We have secured our foothold on the Western continent it is now only a matter of time until all of Hellswamp falls to our mighty spartan like guild.

The Hellswamp Cartel has been pretty much having they're way with the Western Alliance on a daily basis, We take what we want when we want and how we want! A western guild known as Romanticorp are the last thing standing between The Hellswamp Cartel and they're complete conquest of the Hellswamp Region!

Even eastern guilds have come in the assist the reds PKing they're own faction in hopes to make friends with the enemy faction, The guild known as Overpowered was in Hellswamp two days ago they attempted to join in on our war against Romanticorp it wasnt long maybe 10 minutes and fifty or so respawns when the Overpowered guys decided to change sides and fight us for the Romanticorp.. sadly they were not able to do any better against our smaller group and continued being wiped until they left the area.

Any green's aiding westerners in any way will be seen as enemy faction please expect to be treated as enemy faction when you are paling around with them! Especially in a region locked in bloody conflict.

Romanticorp we salute you for the valiant efforts you have put forth in keeping us at bay however in the near future all of your hard work will be for nothing... I wish you good luck and safe travels all of you except for the scumbag known as Yavi who must be pushing fourteen and is perhaps the single most Toxic yet horrible player we have come in contact with yet on this server. We are offering a small gold reward for anybody who greifs Yavi PM me for more info :)

We are looking to recruit active players who enjoy not only killing enemy faction but making money running trade packs across the ocean and on land. The Hellswamp Cartel will completely change the way you experience Arche Age!

We are also actively seeking Alliances with other Merchant/PvP guilds so if anybody out there is interested in an alliance. after reading all this make sure you hit us up. In Game name's of Officers are Lateralus, Olivia, Cruentus, Zaix, Mcswagginz

or you can contact us Via our website