View Full Version : Guild Interface

10-21-2014, 10:01 AM
Can we please, for the love of god, update the guilds interface? There is little to customization/flexibility when editing a guild. Some ideas, that Iím sure have already been discussed before are:

-A sorting feature (Name/Level/Class/Location/Rank)
-Search for Member
-Notes for members
-Message of the day
-More ranks
-Fix current 'set permissions' (canít change permissions without changing the name of the rank. Also, capitalization does not work)
-Since a 'guild bank' is supposed to be a house and chests set to 'Guild', having the ability to set permissions by say, rank, to whoever can access the chests is a must have feature.
-Guild 'Mail All'
-Broadcast Feature (Similar to when the devs come in and post something and it shows up in the middle of the screen) (Guild leaders only)

Any other idea's please post them as well. Just trying to make the guilds interface a bit more user friendly. It would really increase the play for the game from a Guild point of view.