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Leaders: Haso, Uyilan
Website: http://elitebrotherhood.enjin.com/
Location: EU (language is English)
Server: Melisara
Faction: Haranya/East
Style : PvX

Unique system:
We have 3 " House in Guild". House of War, House of Craft & House of Trade, whoever joins need to pick a house in our forum and it will be their role, every house have a leader. You can always change House if needed.


EliteBrotherHood is one of the big guilds of the Haranya Alliance on Melisara. With currently over 200 members and growing up quickly every days, we want to expand even more to be ready for that time, you know, when Auroria’s gates will open ! The clan is completely multicultural, people comes from all over Europe and even United States for a few of our members.
EBH has been created for ArcheAge and is pretty young. You might think that’s bad, but this is truly awesome, because it actually gives everybody a chance to participate a lot and becoming a strong pillar of the clan, or even officer.
In the main lines, we’re some friendly guys from everywhere wanting to have fun while still having a good chance becoming main actors of the server.


This clan is friendly and doesn't look for trouble in its own alliance. However, we don’t hesitate to enter in a state of war for any necessary case. Our main enemies are obviously Nuians (and fishes from a few days ^_^). The atmosphere is pretty relaxed, people are doing in small groups all sort of things when not trade running with the big part of the guild. Fun, loyalty, simplicity and just nice are our words. You get the spirit and that’s your style? Why won’t you join us then?


Just as lots of guilds, we want to have some shares at Auroria. This is no secret, we have been preparing for this from the very beginning of the guild. The road is pretty long, but as every member is highly motivated, we believe we do have some chances over there! Once achieved, the next goal is obviously to prosper and grow up as a strong new nation with several allies, becoming one of the main nation of the server. In a short vision perspective, we are being very active towards diplomatic relationships, gearing up everybody and being active toward the server’s community.


As mentioned above, EBH is a friendly guild. We do not accept at all any kind of scumbags. You should be just a nice girl (or guy), having fun, having teamspeak (microphone isn't necessary, but highly recommended if you want to really be part of the community). You should be highly motivated by the idea to conquer a place we could call home ! You should be active, participate to most of the guild’s events, and be ready to invest yourself to help some others, to keep that good wealth high up inside the guild. If you are ambitious and interested by joining a fresh guild without a story from the t-rex age, but that is just starting right now, then it’s for you as well!


The guild will help you for most of your activities, gives you advice and, most important, will makes you having fun with tons of hilarious members. More seriously, there are lots of trade runs going on, gear preparations and daily very different activities (fishing, illegal forest hunt, Hasla farm, arena, open pvp and so on…)

Interested in joining us ? Write here, in private or ingame !
Thanks for reading,
Have fun & see you around !
Haso, EBH

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The logo of the 3 Houses in the Guild.

http://i943.photobucket.com/albums/ad279/MHezzu/Houseofwarcrest.png http://i943.photobucket.com/albums/ad279/MHezzu/Houseoftraderscrest2.png http://i943.photobucket.com/albums/ad279/MHezzu/Houseofcrafterscrest.png

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Perfect run with 2 galloen 2 merchant ship and 1 clipper

106 packs



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