View Full Version : impossible to play => korean or japanese website open at the place of the launcher

10-23-2014, 08:43 AM
Hello ,
i m a french client .
I pay my account since few month.

Since the last update , when i started the game via "Glyph" , it opens directly and correctly the "Glyph" site to launch the game .

i select Archeage game , i click on " play = jouer " BUT at the place to start the launcher of the game and the selection of the differents world ( Melisara for me ) . Im directing to your KOREAN WEBSITE , i can not play !!!!!!!

I disinstall archeage and glyph , i downloaded all again but same result !
The application open only the korean or japanese website and never the launcher .

I had the same problem sometime before but when he opened the webside , i start again and he opened the launcher normally but since yesterday = IMPOSSIBLE

I asked to my french friends of my "guilde" , but no one of my team have this type of problem .

Do you have an explanation and a Solution to resolve my problem ?
I pay for this game and i cannot play since 2 days now.

Thank you