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04-01-2014, 01:51 AM
I am really excited to be playing this game shortly and have looked at a lot of foreign fan sites and such in trying to glean what I could of the game so that I can do better early on. Though I know that what is there may not be the exact same for us on the US and EU servers (as there was mention there will be differences in our release to others here: https://www.archeagegame.com/en/news/2014/03/archeage-press-demo-gdc-2014/ ) I feel that a good deal can be gained still. Because of this, and because I know a lot of people simply wont have the time to spend looking all over and back, I have decided to share what I have found so far.

Character creation:
Everything starts here and there was a good bit that was shown to us this last week on the stream (linked above). Now while I know its not for everyone, there is a great deal of stuff that you can do from this screen that will make it so you can make a one of a kind character whether it be because you rotated your scars or placed them other places or changed the tilt of your eyes oddly, doesn't matter what it is, make it your own, pick basics from the offered options and then when you get to the right panel of character creation, use the cog wheel, it has tons more for you that really make a difference.


Before you are ever able to get in the game though it would be a good idea to brush up on ideas of what you want your character to be. First stop for that would be simply to pick what race you will find yourself being. Your decision will probably be based on one of two things, if not both. First, aesthetics and second stat bonuses.

Nuian - You are the western human, and as such, you gain an extended blessing of Goddess Nui, which means that you will have to spend less time after dying at the diminished stats as any other species, so if you know you are big into running in and dying this might be a good idea for you. The before sunset buff that you get where "the time required for house or castle-related construction reduced by 30%" which really sounds good, make a castle 30% faster! Then it hits you, its not the clicking of the materials in the castle that takes so long its gathering the hundreds of units of items so that you can click the building you are working on so instead of the ten second cast to add your materials to it, it only takes you seven.

Elf - it seems that you are the most likely to love the water in this game as you gain deep breath (underwater swimming time is increased by 20 seconds) and Supple Flow (5% increase speed from swimming). So what's nice about this is that if you are planning on treasure hunting a lot, finding sunken ships etc, that you will end up saving a good bit of time over a long enough spread. It also means you will be the first race to reach the other ship if yours is going down or if you are raiding another vessel at sea it breaks down. Furthermore, these skills can be useful if you intend on being a merchant and running a lot of packages overseas to turn in for nice rewards. How so? well besides the obvious of possibly swimming faster than the pirate that is swimming after you for your goods, when you get into port with your goods you will need to swim between your vessel and the land a little bit. Now I know I said you need to, but what i should say is that you should... what's the point in making it easier for the pirates loitering in town in stealth mode on the roofs to hop on to your ship and try to take your packages away more quickly without you noticing, at least water has an audible splash that will hint you in.

Hariharan - You are the eastern human, and as such you find yourself with evidently a longing for home. There's No Place Like Home is your first buff and it offers you a 30% reduction in your recall ability. Impetuous Spirit is the second and it offers you 10% reduction in gather time of herbs and tree-felling. Now what does this tell us about the Hariharan? They make great farmers! Now while the second one doesn't seem to be that great of a trait, it could be rather useful, lets say you and someone else who isn't a Hariharan sees a tree you both run for it and try to get the materials, well guess what you will do it faster and can win in a tie at cast, or even win as the underdog reaching it slightly after the other person, same goes for herbs. The buff allowing you to recall more frequently can be used in a few different ways to make it of use, first if you are big into your own person farm at your home, you will be able to tend to your plants with greater ease in travel. Secondly, if everyone is forming up for your guild to go do something you can find yourself getting there a little more quickly.

Ferre - This is the most interesting race as far as new aesthetics goes. They are the cat people of Archeage and have traits that seem particularly fitting to their genetic make up. Just like a cat in life, this race enjoys taking less damage when falling from its "soft landing." This is a good trait to have considering substantial fall damage in game as well as skills that will enable others to lift you into the air and then let you go, and ouch, that does hurt. The trait Sharpened Claws is also a nice trait to have as you will be able to climb trees and ladders 30% faster which is useful if you have to run up a ladder in your guild fort when its being attacked because you were knocked off the wall while shooting people below or if you are simply trying to overtake an opponents ship on the high seas, crawling up that ladder faster does make a difference when getting aboard.

After you have decided what traits fit your play style the best, you will have to check out a skill calculator to find out what kind of skills fit you particularly well, but because there is so much available in this game, over a hundred different pairings, all I will do is mention a few things that will help you to mold that yourself.

Skill Calculators:
First thing that I would encourage our community to do is to use the skill calculator at http://arche-base.com/builds/generator than at http://www.archeage-impact.de/index.php?site=talentplaner_eng&action. Now why would I go along and say that this is the preferred skill calculator? Simply put, its more thorough, you see... in ArcheAge it isn't just the skills that you pick from the tree and have in the skill calculator but also the skill combinations that will effect the power that you put out. In other words combination of attacks proc an additional dot etc. that can really contribute or enhance the attack itself. The first skill calculator does great at showing you these combinations not only by letting you see the things that increase the skill you are choosing, so that you can maybe pick those up as well, but also because it offers tabs that will let you see better what values your build is pushing to secure as far as Physical Attack, Magic Attack, Protection, Weakening, Strengthening go at least. Additionally it provides a third tab which lets you see any combinations of skills that will provide this essential additional damage proc.

Also remember that in ArcheAge you start the game with only one of the three combat skills, or healing etc. For this reason, lead with a strong foot and make sure to keep make your first skill the one that you will use the most abilities at he top row of the tree, this way your progression wont be slower for lack of abundant abilities to use. It is to my understanding that the second skill is picked up at level 5 and the third one is opened up at 10.

04-01-2014, 01:51 AM
Gathering Materials

In Archeage there is a labor point system. Simply put, everything outside of running around and killing could end up costing you a labor point, which are generated at time intervals. Heck, you even have to spend labor points to open pouches that may be dropped off of npcs as loot to see what is inside of them. So you will need to have to choose when to use them and when not to as you will need them for gathering materials and crafting items which lead you to getting your mounts, ships, houses and so on.

Gathering on Farms:
Some things can only really be done on farms, the things that I am referring is livestock (husbandry), which yes you have to provide for and yes you have to have land to raise them on, and be sure to pay your taxes and plant/raise livestock in protected areas or else you might find yourself with nothing for all of your efforts.
You can also plant seeds to grow simple crops which is what you really think of farmers in the midwest growing and such. You can also grow trees on the land, which you will be able to get a variety of different things, meaning not just wood but branches and fruits etc. While the things that I mention in this paragraph are also able to be done in the wild, you will want to utilize your farm to do this with the higher costing seeds or particularly long grow times, or even plant them in the common fields that some areas have.

Gathering in the Wild:
Again, you can plant just like you would on a farm and hope that no one comes around and farms it before you are able to pick it up, you can go and farm stuff that other people have planted (the planter/owner of a crop has their name on their crop if you hover the mouse over it), or you can simply rely on what is in the wild. While you can get plants and trees from the wild, the amounts you usually need are so abundant or the herb not so common to see naturally occur that planting really is the best option, however, with that said, there are a great many different trees and shrubs and flowering plants in the wild and if you have a bunch of labor points and are just looking to pick some stuff up at random it really isn't a bad choice.
If you are gathering stones or ore or high end metals you will be doing that in the wild and the nodes definitely stand out.

*Makes a note* if you end up looting what others plant and stealing the stuff or killing etc then you will end up leaving footprints behind that if enough people come upon and get reported etc, then you will find yourself facing the judge and could end up making you spend time away from being the first to finish up your grind etc.

If you follow your quests along you will be directed your way along to get your land mount then boat then air glider, as well as things for farming like a scarecrow and eventually you will even be able to buy a house, which you can put a bed in that you alone will be able to gain extra labor points and such, as well as protected land so that you can plant crops and not worry about people taking them.

That's about all I have time for tonight. I hope that it comes of help to some and to see everyone in there :)

04-01-2014, 07:16 AM
I am more curious about how villages and guild halls will be handled.

04-01-2014, 02:20 PM
I would like to field your question a little more thoroughly if I could Keller, but Im not quite sure what you are asking here exactly, but I will try to give you an overall scope so that it gets cleared up and such. From my understanding you have to form an Expidition Force at the Expedition Manager, which will be in the two major port towns of the two islands you start on. For the eastern factions you will go to the south west penninsula and for the west faction will lead you to the east northern penninsula. As I have looked around I have come across this site that really does a nice percise job of explaining how exactly to set that up and instead of just mentioning the same things in different wording i will give you a link, they have a nice map and graphics too. http://booncontrol.com/threads/expeditionary-force-guild-creation.2573/
After you have the group formed, as you can form it up at a lowly level five, you will want to start building up your toons as quick as you can and make sure to gather plenty of wood and stone, you will need to use them to build ships and ultimately housing and walls etc to your fortress, and we are talking about thousands upon thousands of units to make a full on stronghold. After saving up all your mats and getting people together and such you can go ahead you want to go buy a land claim territory item and go to the northern island and claim a piece of land, the claim is distinguishable in that there will be a stone sword mound on the ground that you use the claim item on. Once this is done your lead can start messing with logistics etc and start looking to see what other Expiditionary Forces are out there because come week end if there are chances are you may find yourself attacking or defending against someone (another reason why you want to form up as fast as possible, those that form forces later on will have to make sure to store up plenty of materials so they can build a full fort as quickly as possible).
After you have claimed the territory it is time to start building. Its common that people build houses and stuff around the claim point and then reinforce their fortification by putting walls around the city that was created. A nice thing about the city within is that it is protected land (unless under seige) and you will be able to grow crops etc and not really worry on people coming and taking your stuff. Another nice thing is achieved on this as well, as all your mates in your group live close you can start setting up permissions on storage houses etc so that the guild can deposit or remove materials etc and if you are trying to be really thorough with efficiency you can have people bringing stuff from mainland that you guys have stored up to deposit it while building your stronghold etc.
From my understanding, seiges on other Expiditionary forces are held on Saturday night for a 2 hour period, what time im unsure, but during this time you will be able to attack (if your guild picked up the winning bid on another Expiditionary Force) another castle and if you win, you get to keep anything that isnt damaged as well as the land that it sits on. If your castle is attacked and you hold off the attack and win, you get a special currency which is used for guild perks and such as well as double the taxes on their lands and resources. Of corse if you are on the losing side of either of those you gain nothing from attacking or you lose everything by being defeated, so if you are unsure or want to be especially careful of stuff that is in your home that cost a lot to get, you might want to just pack it up and retain it.
After a good while of living like this or after a short while if your group has been playing and just not claimed territory ever, you might end up finding that you have enough karma and other stuff to do a pirate quest which will allow you guys to change your alliance to the pirate faction. Though I dont know much at all about this aspect, it seems a very fun idea to do if your group is in it for the PVP because being a third party faction simply means more players you can kill without having the legal system getting in the way (if you kill someone of your same faction the legal system can get you by people reporting what you did via bloody footprints left and you can be put in prison, but if you kill someone of an opposing faction the legal system doesnt do anything).
I hope this additional information is of some use to you Keller and again hope to see everyone in there :)

04-01-2014, 02:24 PM
Great thread, lots of useful info for new players!

Just a small addition about piracy: You'll automatically become one when you hit 3k karma, there's no quest or anything. Also it is really not recommended unless you really know what you're getting into! :)

04-03-2014, 09:52 AM
thanks for the answer! Is it possible for smaller guilds or non pvp orientated player possible to be part of a village? I was under the impression there would also be villages on the other 2 continents.

04-03-2014, 12:17 PM
I still try to understood what he mean with Villages, actually if you talk about Villages then it mostly mean you build up your own with players, so at the beginning you need to rush to a huge space and reserve a few Slots to create a big player founded City.

If you want to get a Castle on North then you have to do PvP. Only the first Castle could be grabbed without PvP (if you are lucky) and then you can play Gold in order to save your Castle all the time, but then you have to be a Trader Guild who earn tons of money.

04-03-2014, 12:20 PM
I actually think players should spend more time looking at the different builds they're able to acquire. I know most players like builds that go with your play-style, but with so many builds it's easy to get lost among. I personally will dedicate my time into build making for pvp/pve content, and I'll gladly share my builds and help with constructive critique's of another build. Just hit me up on here, if you're interested, currently testing a few more on RU.

04-05-2014, 11:14 PM
I actually think players should spend more time looking at the different builds they're able to acquire. I know most players like builds that go with your play-style, but with so many builds it's easy to get lost among. I personally will dedicate my time into build making for pvp/pve content, and I'll gladly share my builds and help with constructive critique's of another build. Just hit me up on here, if you're interested, currently testing a few more on RU.

Hello! I think your right, there is so much to research here, I would like to work on a Protection/Devotion/Warfare build and I am not too sure how to link that to you, how would I be able to play this on the RU servers by the way? I am fairly new to the forums! xD