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10-23-2014, 03:08 PM

The foundation of the guild is based on real life friends/family who been gaming together for many years. All of our members have been active in the MMO community as a competitive or casual player. This has helped us overcome many battles on the field as we are like-minded players who play at a high caliber level. We enjoy playing the game as a group and meet new people who have the same interest. We use team speak as our VOIP and our members have access to use it. Most of our members have KR/RU/Alpha/Beta experience so we have the knowledge to help you out to become successful.

We are seeking members who want to find a place to call home and grow as a guild. We are seeking players who enjoy the social aspect of the game and want to achieve end-game content. Our recruitment is open to all level and classes. We are on Ollo server, eastern side.

This is your chance to join a solid guild who knows how to have fun. This will be the end of your solo questing adventures. This will be the end of your fear of getting ganked while you are taking a screen shot of your face! We have made farming hasla less painful and will save you from deleting your character after one hour of the grind. With our guild, you will have more success in completing your task without the drama.

Msg me in-game if you want to talk or any other person from Takeda Shogunate
Server: Ollo (Eastern Side)