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10-23-2014, 09:46 PM

We are currently seeking skilled, dedicated and active players to join our ranks to fill out our numbers. With Auoria about to come out we would like a strong foothold on that continent.


Overkill is a small tight knit guild that has formed for multiple games. We have played games such as Terra, WoW, Smite, Dota, DayZ, Darkfall, Rift and many more. Our main focus as of right now has been ArcheAge.


We are currently accepting most skill make ups. We prefer you to have or work on leveling multiple skills to be able to adapt to changes on the fly in case a certain skill set is needed for PvP/Trade/Farming etc. We have a heavy focus of pvp at the moment and we wont hesitate to kill our own faction if we see fit. We don't force anyone to get on TS but we highly suggest it to get to know your fellow guildy's, However if we are doing PvP, Trade runs, or Instances then you must get on TS to be able to hear call out's etc. We are a tight knit group of people who feel that to be successful in this game then we must work together for the greater good of the guild by helping each other out. We will help you farm or run trade packs and farm tokens and pvp, however you always get what you put into the guild.

We do a littler bit of streaming on Twitch. Feel free to check in if we are streaming at:


If this is a guild you are interested and would like to join a guild that sticks together and keeps together, and doesn't require a long drawn out application process to join a website no one looks at then feel free to contact any one of us:

- Fatal
- Neorah
- Whitefire
- Valawr
- Presha

Any additional questions reply below or message on here or in game.

10-24-2014, 12:39 PM
May be streaming later tonite!