View Full Version : Join <Ascendant> [US] [Ezi] [East] for PvX, daily trade runs, guild farms/ houses, etc.

10-24-2014, 08:01 AM
Hello players, look at your guild, now back to mine, now back at your guild, now back to mine.

Sadly they’re not like my guild, but if they stopped using Yata scented body wash and switched to old Ynystere spice, they could smell like my guild.

Look down, back up, Where are you?

You’re on a trade run with the guild that your guild could be like.

What’s in your hand? Back to me. I have it, it’s a cape, with the crest of that guild you love.

Look again. That cape is now a clipper! Anything is possible when you’re in my guild. I’m on a dragon.

Send a whisper or mail in game to Free for info/inv