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10-24-2014, 08:25 AM
Site: http://agcguild.shivtr.com/
Focus: PvP and Crafting
Time Zone: NA - CST

We seek to become a tight-knit group of around 100 active players that excel at PvP. We will be a group of active, dedicated, and determined players that will focus on, first and foremost, enjoying the game of ArcheAge. We just happen to find the most enjoyable aspect to be PvP, yet this does not mean we will not also enjoy other parts of the game.

Who we need
We're looking for players that can bring MMO experience to the table, or other competitive gaming skills. Some of our founding members have played other games at very high levels, and we are well aware that members who may be newer to the genre can excel in this game with the right coaching, when they have natural talent. If you are looking to apply, you should have a competitive drive that pushes you toward improving your game, but you should also have a good attitude and a willingness to learn. If your primary concern in ArcheAge is farming, trading, crafting, or other Non-PvP related areas, we have a need for you as well, but know that we will still do our best to prepare you to defend yourself so that you can honorably uphold our guild's reputation.

Our expectations
We will not demand anything from our players outside of showing effort. We will not require you to attend events, as our leadership does not intend for you to make gaming take priority over your real life. It is my personal belief that, if you truly are a good fit for our guild and you gain membership, we won't need to ask you to join us for events, but you'll have the drive to participate without a mandate. We also expect that our players will be respectful, honorable, and humble. Sometimes, ♥♥♥♥ needs to be talked, corpses need to be kicked, or people need to be called out - but do not do so without good reason. A certain level of maturity is required for this, but we will not impose an age restriction unless it becomes a problem.

Quick overview
Aquatic Grok Command is a guild created by a group of friends that has played games together since the 90s. Most of our MMO time was spent in WoW and SWTOR, but we've played vast amounts of other games including WAR, Tera, Darkfall, Guild Wars, and more.

We want to avoid the flaws of the largest guilds on the server: over-recruitment, disconnectedness from players, and lack of cohesion. Meanwhile, we also want to avoid the problems with smaller guilds: being outnumbered, lacking money, and lacking organization.

Our guild will be focused primarily on PvP, but of course, in order to achieve success in PvP, we will need to explore all facets of the game, especially crafting.

If this sounds like your kind of guild, make your way over the forums (http://agcguild.shivtr.com/forums) and fill out an application, or talk to Alby in game. We'd love to have you join us.

See you on the battlefield.

- Alby