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  1. Trade system grinding to a halt on FS Nui

    Started by RyanA‎, Yesterday 09:17 AM
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    Last Post: Today 12:50 AM
    by romonster  Go to last post
  2. Ice fishing???????

    Started by zombiebabe‎, 05-12-2018 02:42 AM
    Last Post: Today 12:42 AM
    by Eastsides  Go to last post
  3. Its Official Alts broke the game

    Started by anitabeer‎, 05-19-2018 05:33 PM
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    Last Post: Today 12:35 AM
    by SHINYA  Go to last post
  4. Last Post: Yesterday 11:55 PM
    by CavemanSean  Go to last post
  5. Where is my live stream prize?

    Started by Ookii‎, 05-18-2018 04:21 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 11:33 PM
    by Ookii  Go to last post
  6. Mass Exodus on Fresh Start

    Started by Tantagel‎, 05-21-2018 12:12 PM
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    Last Post: Yesterday 11:33 PM
    by blycee  Go to last post
  7. [Aranzeb] WTS mythic t7 ss, t7 sword, t7 breeches

    Started by befey‎, Yesterday 11:22 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 11:22 PM
    by befey  Go to last post
  8. Arena Shop question...For staff...

    Started by OrionOPP‎, Yesterday 09:17 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 10:01 PM
    by Charbeneau  Go to last post
  9. Hiram Drop Rates REEEE

    Started by Anthyny‎, Yesterday 09:20 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 09:44 PM
    by Ajoke  Go to last post
  10. [Thunderwing] WTS 4/7 Epic Delphinad Flame Set Full Gemmed Old T3 Gems/New T2

    Started by VEX‎, 05-20-2018 08:12 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 09:41 PM
    by VEX  Go to last post
  11. [Kraken] WTB Leg T7 Dagger

    Started by Sab‎, Yesterday 09:25 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 09:25 PM
    by Sab  Go to last post
  12. Your RSS Feeds on the forums are broken?

    Started by Hieru‎, Yesterday 09:25 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 09:25 PM
    by Hieru  Go to last post
  13. [Conviction] WTS FarmHouse x30 savanna 30k gold

    Started by Dietcokezz‎, Yesterday 08:15 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 08:15 PM
    by Dietcokezz  Go to last post
  14. Opinion on FS Servers both for EU/NA

    Started by FSpole‎, Yesterday 04:40 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 07:42 PM
    by Snerdles  Go to last post
  15. [Vengeance] Wts Plate Ayanad Desert Divine 7/7 (Non-crystalized)

    Started by fundaaa‎, 05-10-2018 02:53 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 07:32 PM
    by Urthstripe  Go to last post
  16. Metallic Auroran Crate & Lost Metallic Crate BUGGED or INTENDED!?!

    Started by Cyales‎, 12-13-2017 05:42 AM
    61 Pages
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    Last Post: Yesterday 07:17 PM
    by Lukealex  Go to last post
  17. Last Post: Yesterday 06:58 PM
    by Lancet  Go to last post

    Kraken (NA)

  18. Player Nations and the end of the game.

    Started by Whodat‎, Yesterday 06:22 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 06:44 PM
    by Snerdles  Go to last post

    Game Feedback

  19. Mana Stars what's wrong?

    Started by Stalker‎, Yesterday 05:05 AM
    Last Post: Yesterday 06:32 PM
    by BloodyAlex  Go to last post
  20. Question for Melee users

    Started by NoMdefRequired‎, 04-23-2018 06:16 AM
    5 Pages
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    Last Post: Yesterday 06:01 PM
    by Edwardo  Go to last post
  21. [Thunderwing] Wts legemdary erenor scepter

    Started by papapa‎, Yesterday 04:59 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 04:59 PM
    by papapa  Go to last post
  22. honor quest bug

    Started by Purrdypaws‎, 05-22-2018 12:07 AM
    Last Post: Yesterday 04:40 PM
    by Deskaa  Go to last post
  23. Hydra guild recruiting

    Started by KiereaFulcrum‎, Yesterday 04:39 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 04:39 PM
    by KiereaFulcrum  Go to last post
  24. [Reckoning] WTS Mythic wave sceptre full gem NUI server

    Started by densivv‎, Yesterday 04:33 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 04:33 PM
    by densivv  Go to last post
  25. [Thunderwing] WTB perfect roll undergarments

    Started by papapa‎, Yesterday 04:32 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 04:32 PM
    by papapa  Go to last post
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