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    [Thunderwing] Enoan design

    wtb enoan design, send me inbox with ur discord thankyou!
  2. [Kyrios] lol i only know 2 plyaers with erenor dagger,...

    lol i only know 2 plyaers with erenor dagger, also what idiot would sell one eternal dagger for 400K ROFL, those cost much more than 600k to craft and feed up! wake up dude!
    400k? go craft u self...
  3. Problem on arenas! botting alts ridiculous!!

    hello i wish report this chinease guy! . he got many alts and are farming points in many of arenas to be top1 all mounths! that is ridiculous! i was on his side watching he join and leave arena and...
  4. [Conviction] WTB Melee Undergarment Legendary - good stats

    Mail me
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    vídeos de PVP server Salphira 9 DGS
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