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  1. Sticky Thread Sticky: 2018 Server Evolution FAQ, Question & Feedback Thread

    Started by TrionBrasse‎, 09-12-2018 04:27 PM
    6 Pages
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    Last Post: Today 09:41 AM
    by Kosfinne  Go to last post
  2. [Conviction] WTB Dragon heart

    Started by Akscell‎, Today 08:41 AM
    Last Post: Today 08:41 AM
    by Akscell  Go to last post
  3. Last Post: Today 08:37 AM
    by Arrathor  Go to last post
  4. [Reckoning] WTB Clear Synthium Shards + Misagon's Crystals in BULK, SERVER NUI

    Started by Kiii‎, Today 08:18 AM
    Last Post: Today 08:18 AM
    by Kiii  Go to last post
  5. [Thunderwing] WTB T7 (Divine/epic) Cloth Chest Gloves and Pants

    Started by Trusivraj‎, Today 08:10 AM
    Last Post: Today 08:10 AM
    by Trusivraj  Go to last post
  6. [Vengeance] wtb leg t7 dagger, leg erenor scepter

    Started by Cao‎, Today 07:55 AM
    Last Post: Today 07:55 AM
    by Cao  Go to last post
  7. cant move chest

    Started by Zeri‎, Today 05:50 AM
    Last Post: Today 07:45 AM
    by Zeri  Go to last post
  8. Sport Fishing Icons blocking one another

    Started by SteWarlock‎, Today 04:52 AM
    Last Post: Today 07:39 AM
    by Turambaredolas  Go to last post
  9. Can yas update the MP on PTS plz

    Started by Boop 1‎, 09-15-2018 03:03 PM
    Last Post: Today 07:02 AM
    by Boop 1  Go to last post
  10. Last Post: Today 06:40 AM
    by Zarcata  Go to last post
  11. Wait wait wait why was the thread close

    Started by LLegion‎, Today 03:10 AM
    Last Post: Today 05:52 AM
    by gnonni  Go to last post
  12. Reloading whole Game

    Started by Kyriah‎, Yesterday 11:24 PM
    Last Post: Today 05:47 AM
    by Nikkimartines  Go to last post
  13. Suggest Server Names!

    Started by Zadyria‎, Yesterday 12:57 PM
    Last Post: Today 02:34 AM
    by Tricorn  Go to last post
  14. Why do all arenas have perma lag and slight delay

    Started by TruTru‎, 09-16-2018 02:00 PM
    Last Post: Today 02:34 AM
    by otakustar  Go to last post
  15. question about the woodland kitsu

    Started by xestria‎, Today 12:36 AM
    Last Post: Today 01:06 AM
    by Cookiees  Go to last post

    Game Feedback

  16. Revenge for PK

    Started by TruTru‎, Yesterday 01:03 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 09:32 PM
    by minerpirate  Go to last post
  17. Halloween event

    Started by Lizbo‎, 09-17-2018 10:30 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 09:14 PM
    by anitabeer  Go to last post
  18. Storage silo status after october 17th 2018?

    Started by Winterweaver‎, 09-09-2018 05:18 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 09:12 PM
    by anitabeer  Go to last post
  19. Last Post: Yesterday 09:01 PM
    by BloodyAlex  Go to last post

    Server Status

  20. Dark Lords guild

    Started by Kingzilla‎, 09-17-2018 10:46 AM
    Last Post: Yesterday 06:57 PM
    by Kingzilla  Go to last post

    Kyrios (NA)

  21. Poll: Hiram Gear drop rate survey

    Started by haiagriva‎, 05-18-2018 05:58 PM
    22 Pages
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    Last Post: Yesterday 05:24 PM
    by druidronin  Go to last post
  22. Last Post: Yesterday 05:20 PM
    by DevTracker  Go to last post

    Dev Tracker

  23. Last Post: Yesterday 05:12 PM
    by TrionBrasse  Go to last post
  24. [Reckoning] WTB Epic/Legendary T7 Dagger

    Started by Forgo‎, 09-17-2018 12:05 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 05:00 PM
    by Forgo  Go to last post
  25. TrionBrasse: Mail Not Kept in Merge -- A Nightmare

    Started by DevTracker‎, Yesterday 04:50 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 04:50 PM
    by DevTracker  Go to last post

    Dev Tracker

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