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  1. "Failed To Load Data"

    This is the 2nd time this has happen. By now someone has the answer of going into the files and replacing a file with a different lettering or number. I need this to get into the game. I do not...
  2. Kyrois

    When is Kyrois going to be coming on?
  3. Trade Packs Disappearing After Maintenance

    On Tue., 6/30/15, there was a maintenance done. I checked my packs in Halcyona and all were there and all had reset for 5 more day. Today, 7/1/15, I went to Halcyona and more than half were gone. ...
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    The game goes down for a restart for 5 min and...

    The game goes down for a restart for 5 min and Sanddeep and Cinderstone goes back to Level 1 dispute after waiting and checking through the night for both to go into war and then peace. Thanks alot....
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    The router does not affect each computers...

    The router does not affect each computers individual IP number. You don't understand how it works. It was explained to you and you don't believe the answer. It is mute anyhow because the way I read...
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