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  1. For the love of god fix your servers.....

    Started by Godriconian‎, 07-20-2019 08:09 PM
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    Last Post: Today 12:28 AM
    by AThreeHeadedMonkey  Go to last post
  2. Fresh start transfers

    Started by Nuitransfers‎, 06-02-2019 03:44 PM
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    Last Post: Yesterday 10:36 PM
    by DripDropDrippin  Go to last post
  3. Golden Plains Battle- Raids system

    Started by Mastin‎, Yesterday 02:16 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 10:13 PM
    by Stabsum  Go to last post
  4. Mysterious Planthouse

    Started by Izze‎, 07-11-2019 01:47 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 10:11 PM
    by Stabsum  Go to last post
  5. Gamigo please respond (concerning Auroria residents in castle zones)

    Started by snuffy‎, 07-13-2019 12:46 PM
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    Last Post: Yesterday 10:09 PM
    by Stabsum  Go to last post
  6. [Conviction] Kadum: WTB Thiorium

    Started by QueenYataYps‎, 07-16-2019 07:01 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 09:30 PM
    by QueenYataYps  Go to last post
  7. [Conviction] Looking for Owl Post Costume

    Started by QueenYataYps‎, 06-11-2019 02:40 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 09:27 PM
    by QueenYataYps  Go to last post
  8. CC Immunity needed.

    Started by Ashrahm‎, Yesterday 06:02 AM
    Last Post: Yesterday 09:18 PM
    by Elorin  Go to last post

    Game Feedback

  9. Make Mining Drills and Majestic Trees Tradeable(again)

    Started by Elorin‎, Yesterday 09:13 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 09:13 PM
    by Elorin  Go to last post

    Game Feedback

  10. New AA Community discord (With KR Updates)

    Started by Elaine‎, Yesterday 07:39 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 07:39 PM
    by Elaine  Go to last post
  11. [Thunderwing] WTB legendary ayanad plate gloves and helm WTB mythic T7 plate chestpiece

    Started by Nithhoggr‎, 07-08-2019 07:31 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 04:30 PM
    by Nithhoggr  Go to last post
  12. how many people never took the easy way?

    Started by luniz‎, 07-20-2019 06:03 PM
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    Last Post: Yesterday 04:01 PM
    by priceyknight  Go to last post
  13. Patron on NA but not on EU

    Started by Kelver‎, Yesterday 11:30 AM
    Last Post: Yesterday 03:49 PM
    by Kelver  Go to last post
  14. Please Bring Back Beanstalk House on the Market!

    Started by Kyohiro‎, Yesterday 08:58 AM
    Last Post: Yesterday 02:39 PM
    by Damightypizza  Go to last post
  15. Great Ayanad Earring

    Started by Psnap‎, 07-16-2019 12:09 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 02:18 PM
    by Psnap  Go to last post
  16. PvE with ease: Archery or Sorcery

    Started by ShaoLong‎, 07-17-2019 11:59 AM
    Last Post: Yesterday 01:10 PM
    by Zuesprime  Go to last post
  17. Suspicious activity detected debuff

    Started by Leaphar‎, Yesterday 11:55 AM
    Last Post: Yesterday 01:08 PM
    by Ayasee  Go to last post
  18. Last Post: Yesterday 01:04 PM
    by Quebecgold  Go to last post
  19. Territory Siege Changes

    Started by iArches‎, 07-12-2019 11:52 AM
    9 Pages
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    Last Post: Yesterday 12:49 PM
    by Allyanna  Go to last post
  20. Tradepack prices

    Started by Alyiha‎, Yesterday 09:39 AM
    Last Post: Yesterday 12:09 PM
    by Mauldin  Go to last post
  21. Crime Point Removal Quests

    Started by Mauldin‎, Yesterday 12:08 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 12:08 PM
    by Mauldin  Go to last post
  22. Break down sacred hiram scrolls to craft brilliant?

    Started by Ripside‎, Yesterday 09:51 AM
    Last Post: Yesterday 09:51 AM
    by Ripside  Go to last post
  23. Missing Larders

    Started by Chakra1‎, 03-19-2019 11:21 PM
    11 Pages
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    Last Post: Yesterday 09:12 AM
    by galletica  Go to last post
  24. Halcyona not putting people in a raid

    Started by SilverHalo‎, 07-09-2019 04:13 AM
    Last Post: Yesterday 04:20 AM
    by SilverHalo  Go to last post
  25. Question about awakening and crystalization

    Started by Zhivaquee‎, 07-20-2019 02:12 PM
    Last Post: Yesterday 02:37 AM
    by Zhivaquee  Go to last post
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