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  1. I need help for my Bought pack 9 day no receive

    I need the manager for this case, because i open the ticket 1492841, he can not solve this problem,1,2day ,reply 1 word,
    He said i received, but i did not receive anything, i told he check the data...
  2. i need GM help because i can't contact Archeage Sales customer service with chat with my purchase ploblem

    1 bought ArcheAge Daily Credit Reward Pack 39.99 USD 4 days ago, but not receive anything. over 4 days nobody reply to me anything?
    my request number or ticket number is 1492841
  3. why a lot useless lunafrost came from "princes's crate", waste 65% labor?

    we don't need that much lunafrost, that only waste labor! that has very high rate got lunafrost when you open princes's crate or any crate.
    hope replace some useful staff....
  4. i can't login NA or EU both! any issue for this...

    i can't login NA or EU both! any issue for this server DOWN, for update?
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