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  1. The client is not telling me the game is offline....

    The client is not telling me the game is offline. hopefully the downtime will go smoothly. So excited to try out the new weapon changes.
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    [Rangora] WTS / WTT Epic Ayanad Mist Katana

    Selling this or trading for shortspear.
    Asking price is around 50k.
  3. [Rangora] WTB Ayanad Shortspear Epic or Higher grade (WTT Epic Ayanad Katana)

    PM' me what you got.
    and your asking price.

    Can trade with Epic ayanad katana + gold also.
  4. [Rangora] WTB/WTS/WTT - Ayanad Epic Katana Mist (Interested in ayanad shortspears only)

    Im selling Ayanad Epic Katana.

    Trading can be done with any Epic Ayanad Shortspear.

    I also wanna buy Epic Ayanad shortspear if you have good offers.
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    I send you PM :)

    I send you PM :)
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    [Rangora] Wts epic ayanad mist katana

    Im selling it for 50-60k depending on type of trade.
    Its posted on AH atm, so you can grab it there too.
    PM other offers if you have stuff to trade with as well (mostly interested in gold).
  7. "Winged Sun(nodachi v1 t6)" having more critdmg than a "Lifestealer(nodachi v2 t6)"

    I've noticed that the Obsidian Nodachi's says that a winged sun has more melee-crit than a lifestealer at T6, is this intended or actually a typo in the actual weapons stats?
    Because the melee-crit...
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    [Rangora] Selling Epic Ayanad Desert Shield

    I'd want 70k or some sort of trade for it.
    Msg me offers on this thread or in a PM.

    Thanks ^^
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    [Rangora] Wts - epic ayanad shield desert

    Leave bids in this thread or PM me.

    Ill contact you if your offer is satisfactory.
  10. [Rangora] Sry man thats way too much for me. I upgraded the...

    Sry man thats way too much for me. I upgraded the shield now also so the price changed.
  11. [Rangora] WTS EPIC Ayanad Desert Shield

    The shield is 70k in person, 72k in AH.
    Reply with offers!

    I'm no longer interested in legendary nodachi, sorry for the confusion this might cause.

    Thank you :)
  12. Character: Deathgod Server: Dahuta EU Contest...

    Character: Deathgod
    Server: Dahuta EU
    Contest entry
    "Howling in the Hollowtide-Mist"
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