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  1. He just stood there do fireballs. He didn't use...

    He just stood there do fireballs. He didn't use dropback and the fireballs were regular fireballs. Also they can see stealth targets that is 80 meters away. Everytime they go straight to your place...
  2. where can I report a player using third party software?

    There was a Mage did 7 fireballs in 2 sec to me, and he had 0 CD on gliders. Where can I report this? I can't find nowhere to report.
  3. Pirates are too BS in siege.

    Pirates are yellow on siege when east attacking west. They are unable to hit or kill. BUT pirates can steal east tanks and build a wall to block people go in. When west attacks east, pirates turns...
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    Please nerf mages arc lightning.

    I'm a 18k melee with one set lv5 plate armor and a magic resistance shield. I have total 38k hp. A 18k mage killed me with only one arc lightning in about 2sec when I was going to him on a mount. He...
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    Sticky: Skywhisper glider desgin missing a part

    Missing a part of the Skywhisper glider desgin, its impossible to build it. Wasted my 300 glider stars. The first part of the design has no where to build. You can only build it with the very...
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