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  2. Announcement for estimated time frame for re launch!

    Trion please make the announcement when you guys are gonna bring the server back -up
    so that we can plan the rest of the day instead of us sitting and waiting here on the computer.

    You guys...
  3. so no fix yet as of the moment? its been a few...

    so no fix yet as of the moment? its been a few hours already!
  4. { ReNeGaDeZ } [West Faction] RecruitIng other small guilds to make a UNITED WEST /RECRUITNG NEW MEMBERS AS WELL

    Join us!

    Whisper in game!

    IGN: Kingleevogue
  5. All lands claimed? Fcvking disconnection ruined everything ^^

    all lands claimed in our server?
  6. When is this gonna get fixed omg!! . Gods disconnecting you

    People who luckily got in had the advantage already.. make it fair for everybody trion!
    No land again what the hell .. the bots got most of the land again.. grr
  7. We have people online all the time.

    We have people online all the time.
  8. up up up up

    up up up up
  9. @Spoon I represent the ReNeGaDeZ guild. I have...


    I represent the ReNeGaDeZ guild. I have about 80 to 100 members so far. And half of my members are Alpha players. We rolled in thayang since the first 4day headstart. And since most of them...
  10. spoon whats your ign?

    spoon whats your ign?
  11. up up up up

    up up up up
  12. Join ReNeGaDeZ guild . CALLEIL SERVER west. international /ASIAN players welcome. Ph people especially

    Please join us. in calleil server.West faction( nuin or elf)
    we are are international group of players mostly asean . strong philippine contigent/canada/Us/oceanic

    we are loking for players to...
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    Calliel server status?

    Is the server down? at this moment?

    Time 7:pm West time
  14. up up up up

    up up up up
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    Karma Guild MEMBERS IGN: Warden IGN:...

    Karma Guild MEMBERS

    IGN: Warden
    IGN: Godlucifer

    they will offer a ride to austera or wheRever for a fee. Then murder you and take your pack.

  16. up up up up

    up up up up
  17. { ReNeGaDeZ } [West Faction] RECRUITING MEMBERS FOR PVP/PVE/TRADE RUNS/endgame

    Hello We are ReNeGaDeZ,

    We are a mature guild that plays together, friendly, cooperative guild that helps new players to archeage.
    We are anti pirate Guild and we have good cooperation to achieve...
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    guild list info

    Guild Name: ReNeGaDeZ
    Guild Focus:(PvE, PvP, Trade Runs, Crafting and end-game auroria
    Primary Language: english
    Contacts in game: Kingleevogue
    Website URL: under construction
  19. {ph} ''renegadez'' guild is now recruiting!

    Come join us
    open beta on salphira

    live server : Salphira

    trade runs
    naval warfare
  20. List of guilds on thats goint to what server

    Hi guys do we have a list here for guilds that will be going to a particular server?
    Especially big guilds?
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