Hello potential fresh Bananas!! APPLY HERE

So you're browsing for a guild to join? We will try keep it short and sweet and give a glimpse of what we have to offer!

Just a Peek at our Greatest achievement : BANANA LAND 99% guild owned land to bring us together!

GUILD TRADE RUNS! - Everyday we team up and have a ball doing our daily runs to achieve Guild goals!

We are really proud of what we have so far and that being said we will filter applications:
1. You need to have a MIC and be on Teamspeak as much as possible with decent English understanding!

2. 18+Our Bananas are ripe and yellow!
3. One banana hanging in a tree just ain't right! (GET INVOLVED // Activity level will be checked)
4. Banana Police hold the right to gauge whether fresh Banana's will "FIT IN" (WE DO NOT SPAM INVITE)

Sorry about that!! Back to the FUN STUFF 8)

We want to work together to gear each other and help each other.
This game requires teamwork and you not going far if you try to do everything yourself.