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Thread: Most monsters being pretty useless.. lets change that

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    Developers .. hear us .. hear us !
    If you can kill it - Kill it
    If you can steal it - Steal it


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    They want mats to be tie down mainly to farms, given more value to products from farms as people can't just go out and kill birds for feather instead of plucking it from a goose on a farm. Coin purse and some boss monster are the few exception, because you can't have a Korean mmo without some grinding in there. I guess some can argue farming/collecting is grinding too.

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    I had an idea a while back. There would be another proffesion that of a hunter. The more mobs you kill the higher it goes. But it allows you to get meats and ♥♥♥♥ from the animals. Every big town there is a Blue Salt Hunter. Who will give you a special mob to hunt. Like a white elk or something you kill to get a trophy to place in your house

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    Theres no monster loot because this game has a "shop". And everything that makes the most gold faster revolves around it. Also, and sadly, you have to consider the bots would be farming monster constantly if they had useful loot.

    They don't want us grinding monsters...they want us in the shop to make more money.

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