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How will these so called "Beta Events" work? I'm planing to buy a founders pack b/c the Archeum Pack is ridiculously expensive for me. But the other packs only allow "Beta Access," From my understanding these Beta Events only span a certain amount of time (2-5 Days a week). I'm aware that Trion will announce how it will work in the future but I have a curious mind :3 and have many questions.
  1. Will Characters made in Beta be wiped after release?
  2. Once the Beta Events end for that week, what will happen to labor points, houses, farms?
  3. Will Patron Days be counted in the days where Beta servers are down?
  4. When Will the perks from the packs initiate?
  5. Am I wrong about everything and the perks from the founder packs don't count till release?
  6. What are the lowest computer specs to run this game?
  1. Before Head Start begins, yes.
  2. The plan is for them to behave as they do when servers are down and not progress.
  3. We'll likely reset Patron status for those who have it before a Closed Beta Event (CBE) begins.
  4. Founder's Pack benefits will be granted at the start of Closed Beta and again at Head Start.
  5. See above.
  6. I believe we have minspec details in the FAQ.
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