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Thread: My account was banned? For a bug (I'm guessing)?

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    Well, still banned, farms are expiring and he likely won't be back. Lots of folks doing the same, and likely will with this new ban wave that seems to have hit people that haven't had credits since launch, never bought Apex, either with real money or in game currency.

    Great job Trion. Keep your head in the sand. Don't worry, eventually this will all go away. And your money too.

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    Same thing happened to me and I got banned the day after

    My account has been banned for sinc Nov 2

    Just dont understand why they use autoban

    A lot of people are quitting and leaving because this wroungful banning

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    Not much choice but to leave if wrongfully banned. Are we going to spend another few hundred dollars and countless hours to build back up, only to be banned again without reason, notice, explanation? To lose our lands once again?

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    There's been an update, in this truly ridiculous situation. Maxx got an email saying they couldn't find an account associated with his email and they marked the ticket as Resolved...
    How god damn dumb do they have to be to say they can't find an account associated with an email on a ticket that's being sent to the account email address.

    To sum up, banned an innocent person and sent them an email notifying them. Two weeks later sent an email saying they can't find his email and marked as resolved. The GM is GM_Giant, pray to god you don't get an idiot like this on your case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TattedSoul View Post
    LOL you used an exploit to transport packs. Have a nice vacation.
    Yep, used an exploit to somehow move a full trade ship with a bunch of people on it and then came on here and told them exactly what happened. Moron.

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    Well, we're done. The whole group of us. Congratulations Trion, hope this is what you were looking for.

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    All kinds of land opening up.

    Sorry to see you guys go.

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    Was banned for this false positive stuff then got the "sorry we can't find your account" email which is annoying, all in all I just want to tend to the pearls I had on my aqua farm :'(

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    Day 17 for me and my folks. We lost all our land. 2 farmhouses + 3 underwater farms + 12 farms. 3 of the farms were in prime locations worth 1500 gold+.
    But well i look at the bright side, fact is an absurd amount of ppl are quitting so getting new land once iam unbanned should be easy lol.
    Either way this is the worst gaming experience i had in my life so far. And i will make sure to let everyone know

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    ^ Second that notion

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