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Thread: A Picture from the Good Old days

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    A Picture from the Good Old days

    a picture from the good old days. 31/10/2014

    or well, not for all.
    i think the damage on weaponcrafters was already done.
    the announcement of some cars not being released yet also i guess.
    i was one of those .urds who already had the timber coupe design.
    by playing and farming a lot, setting alarm clocks regular at night.
    so i could have the best in game racecar.

    we all know how that ended.
    i ended up selling it for 750g
    while it was that worth in vocation alone when sold as shatigons blessing.
    the roughly 140k labor it takes to get 150k vocation i just gave away for free basicly.
    and i still think i got a good deal out of it.

    then the tree thing happend.
    which 0 valid comments are to be found about still.
    also not from gm`s and/or scapes.

    better forget the whole tree thing.
    so we went on to the future.
    after blowing loads of gold on apex to get the rumbling sapplings which were dropping like mad.
    i had an avarage of +- 30 out of 10k credits.
    it was all fun and i wanted to gamble.
    my own responsibility.
    then i spend about 600g on apex again, but noticed the droprate was so much lower than a couple of hours before.
    so i decided to stop with it.

    almost not needed to say what`s next.
    banned (temp)
    for playing the game.
    after already being punnished so much.
    i`m lucky i didn`t do weapon crafting.
    but somehow the weaponcrafters could expect to have some sort of competition from hasla.
    would have been more nice and just general good if these changes that impact players are announced way earlier.
    so players can anticipate on them.

    we can include the thing about the farm cart requirement also for the farm wagon.
    although at that time i was thinking if you can spend 2k on ts trees it`s not a big deal to pay for one log extra

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    unbanned, after about 12 hours or shorter.
    bumping for the nice story.
    i don`t continue this game ofcourse.

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    no one ? not even a troll saying i`m guilty still ?
    or are these too many facts lined up to go up against ?

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