So it cost 60LP to make a trade pack, and 60LP deliver a trade pack. On average I get 6-7G per pack, however a worker compensation that is needed if you are just doing a bit of farming on the side, will cost you 19-22G atm.

Now I know I am horrible at math, but as far as I can see, this means that more then half of the gold you get, will simply go to the production of the actual trade packs. But if you also include the 50S price for the certificate, and the actual mats needed to make the products... this end out being a very limited actual income.

Can anyone better at math convince me otherwise?
- because if this is the truth of it, I think I will simply stop doing trade packs, and only grow stuff for my potions and crops I get good gold for.

(for not to mention the time requirement for getting from point A to B)