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While I agree you should take the cost of labor pots into account when calculating the profit of a trade run, there is a limit to how much gold you should be spending on them a month: the price of two APEX.

For example, on my server labor pots are about 1/6th of APEX. With 12 pots, you'll get 12k labor, with 2 APEX applied to a new account, you'll get a minimum of 43k labor, plus 6k labor if you use the loyalty tokens for pots. Of course, that account doesn't have the benefits of having a pvp-ready lvl 50 or high commerce proficiency, but their labor can still be used to craft packs in safe zones, farm mats, et cetera.
I'm an active player, i use labor pots on top of being logged in all day with patron accounts.

Well, i used to use labor pots. They're currently 34g a piece, and i'm down to 3 days supply. Might just sell it off.