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Thread: I'm hooked!

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    I'm hooked!

    Greetings to all,
    First of all I need to tell that I'm not an MMO person.
    I'm living in Virtual Worlds since 2003, but only on one world and from 2012 I moved to another "place"!
    I saw some articles about this world and I felt something like a "dejavous"!!!!
    I decide to give a try to AA yesterday.
    Since download is huge, I preserved for this W/end.
    Started my first char on Haranya.
    After a few minutes in this World...I must confess... I'm hooked!
    I will spend a bit more time here that I planned tho

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    Welcome!. Good to hear that your enjoying your stay..
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    Enjoy the exploits and hacks.

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    Dont listen to the nay sayers, the game is a beast and its great fun.

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    game is a lot of fun trion is ♥♥♥♥ tho..

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    Welcome. The game really is great. So many angles to play. Carebear farmer to rancid pirate, even king of a castle now. It's all here.
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