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Thread: NA east player looking for guild.

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    NA east player looking for guild.

    I'm currently playing in alpha and looking for a medium sized/core group of players to run with at launch. I'm interested in pvp, any trade activities, and willing to fill most roles. I have access to mumble, ts, etc., and will usually be on.

    I play mostly during NA east (-4/-5) primetime/late night on weekdays (with some time during the day to be a gather mule) and have a flexible schedule, but cannot put in 5+ hours everyday.

    Looking forward to replies and available for interview (however I do have weird scheduling during the summer months), thanks.

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    DeathShades Hows it hanging all

    We are looking for Officers and Founders for branch of ArcheAge

    Hello community of Archeage

    The Claws is a guild which seeks to become huge presence in Archeage. We have a good plan of action and to make a great guild that will be widely known. We will be playing on the North American server.We looking as playing East side of game
    We Have Played in Russian and Korean servers and know the game fairly well .

    In The Claws we have a easy to understand code we go by..called The Bushido Code ( Way of the Warrior )

    These Seven Virtues of the Samurai are more relevant today than ever.
    The Code of Bushido is pure beauty and simplicity at its finest.
    Let this timeless path to right action transform your life.
    These truths are present in everyone.
    Life is a product of choices.
    • 1.Rectitude
    • 2.Courage
    • 3.Benevolence
    • 4.Respect
    • 5.Honesty
    • 6.Honor
    • 7.Loyalty
    we got more Detailed on are site

    Every guild needs communication to begin with we will communicate via Teamspeak 3, we also have Guild Site http://theclaws.enjin.com/

    To apply for our upcoming guild, answer in a reply to this post or private message the following questions.or go to site fill out the Recruitment app at http://theclaws.enjin.com/recruitment
    1. Username? Forums
    2. Age?
    3. Why do you want to join our guild?
    4. List any guild you've previously been involved in, in Archeage?
    5. What other mmo's have you played?
    6. How long have you been playing mmos for?
    7. How often are you online?
    8. Are there any specific roles you are interested in(I.E. Crafting, Naval, PvP, PvE)
    9. What timezone do you live in?
    10. Any other information?

    Founders DeathShades and Selinn (Sliverwars) and CaptRabies
    Kraken (NA)
    Head Founder Of The Claws

    The Right Path is Not Always a Easy one

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    Hey July

    we are currently building out core player based in Alpha and are still looking for players to join, at launch we will be on NA servers, and have a wide range of players from NA (plus a mix of the rest of the world)

    We are mainly a pvp guild, but we also will have elements of crafting and trading and pve (farming raids and World bosses) as you need all specs to make a great and strong guild.

    we've got TS, and a website which is getting great guides written at this very moment.

    If you are interested in joining a growing guild and one you can be a part of the very core of, give us a look. The Wolves

    Hope to see you in game whatever your choice may be! =D
    Not here, Mind on Holidays

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    Hello July,

    I've sent you a PM about Blackthorne and I would love to get in contact with you.


    Join Us!
    Keegan - Exiled

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    Hit us up on Facebook and watch for Archeage info @ www.facebook.com/BACKBONEgaming - and or email BACKBONE.corp@yahoo.com subj: Archage with your ingame name, availability and any Questions comments, or concerns thanks

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