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Thread: Fist of the Empire [FoE] PvP | NA/ EU | 14+ year military PvP guild | beer, whiskey & women

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    Hopefully they stick to the release date!

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    More interviews tonight! Welcome to FoE!

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    Busy night of interviews! Hope to see you!

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    Leadership is planning and in a bunch of meetings - we're still running interviews if you are looking for a home!

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    If you are interested in joining FoE, you might want to jump into Discord in the next 18 hours, we are planning to turn recruiting off in the future.

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    Looking for a home, got re-directed here after I posted I was looking for a neckbeard friendly guild.

    • Condescending, self righteous officer types


    • Masochistic, PvP addicted serial killer types


    • Self loathing, questionable hygiene PvE types


    • Anti-social spreadsheet humping theorycrafting types


    • Fringe dwelling, socially inept crazy types


    • Old-school-is-still-cool Metamucil taking denture wearing types

    38 but I do yell at people on my lawn.

    Will pop on discord after work if someone is around then to check in with!

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    Sounds great! See you soon!

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    We're currently recruiting folks who are active and who want to be a part of something awesome. Hit us up on Discord!

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